Teachnival 2018

20th Apr 2018Khulna University of Scinece & Teachnology. Md.Shafiqul islam.

             TeachNival 2018 is coming soon to creates the platform for School, College,  University students those who are the robotic lover, teach lover and have the ambition to do something for future technological revolution. TeachNIval mission is to explore teach lover youth across the country so that these potential youth will be motivated to show their potentiality on robotics, IT skill. That’s why Dept of ECE,(KUET) is going to arrange a biggest teach based competition that will focus on innovative skill on robotics and project showcase. Besides this, they will arrange a workshop that will focus on modern technological trends.After all have fun also.

So future teach leader are you ready to compete here?

Venue: Khulna University of Engineering and Technology(KUET)

Segments are followed:

----University students----

-Line Follower Race

-Battle of Bots

-MATLAB challenge

-project show-casing

-poster presentation

-Rubik’s Cube

-IT Contest

-----College students----

-circuit solving challenge

-Rubik’s Cube

-IT contest

---school Students—

-Sudoku Challenge

IT Contest