DOE-CUDS inter University Debate competition2018.

2018-05-04 10:21:33 20

Event date:25May -26May.

Competition type: interUniversity.
The Team amount:24
Format: Tab(4 round preliminary)
venue: Chittagong University campus.
registration process:1000/-
The team from out of Chittagong registration fee is not required but by paying 1000tk registration process must be ensured that will be returned after team reporting.
Debaters from out of Chittagong will be organized the residential hotel in Chittagong city.

programme schedule:
25 May 2018, Friday.
9.30am-formal inauguration.
10.00am-7.00pm preliminary rounds.
7.00pm iftar and break announce.

26 May 2018, Saturday.

2.00pm -semifinal.

for special contact 
convenor: Injamamul Hossain
Co-convenor: Himadri Shekhar Nath

*Registration deadline:12/05/2018, 8.00pm.

*Final team list and waiting team list publish:14/05/2018,

*Those team will get slot they have to accomplish next step19/04/2018.

*The perspective of vacant seat 20/05/2018 slot will be given from waiting list and have to conduct the next step according to instructions.

Registration link: