Why you will be involve with co-curricular activities?

2021-02-25 17:16:12 Education Md.Shafiqul islam. 1612

you know  about the artificial  intelligence,robotic era are heavily influencing our job  market.Today's competitive job market emphasizes on not only high C.G.P.A but also candidates extra ordinary skill.                                                                                                                                                             .But if you engaige yourselfes only developing your academic skill you won't never be able to come true your expected C.E.O post.You should develop your leadership skill,public speaking skill,motivaitng skill,psychologycal stgrength skill,mental ability skill.But how?easy.Go to your campus's central debating club and you can start debating.Regular debating session as well as participating in various national and international debate festival can develop your public speaking skill,leadership skill,analytical skill,instant dicision making skill etc.I have seen various famous debater who are now exist in glorious corporat sector,BBC media action,reputed develpment agency,top level public sector,IT sector etc.Actually their debate experience help them to grab them this type of opportunities.You can participate in Model united nation conference also.Participation of MUN will enhance your diplomatic skill that can apply you in personnel life to real diplomatic career.If you love progamming no matter you are a C. S.E or social science faculty student  then you can participate in ICPC(inter national colligiate programming contest),Eatl apps contest,Nasa space apps contest etc.This teachbased co-curicullar activities will broaden your teachnological skill and can open new IT based and knowledge based career.But if you will have a cultur lover or good at painting then increase your painting skill and take part in various national and international painting contest.May be one contest can transforming you to be a next pablo picasso or a famous painter.Many students are taking part in humanitarian, volunteering activities by involving with UNYSAB,Volunteer for Bangladesh,Save the children,Red cricent etc organization.Volunteering or humanitarian activities will learn your humainity,give you mental satisfaction.Active involvement with this organization makes your CV enrich with enlighten honour that will help you getting scholership opportunities from abroad univrersities for higher education.Besides this there are have a few co-curicullar activities such as various shorterm internship opportunities organized by Facebook,Microsoft, UN or any other internaional organization,pheloship programme,seminar,international youth conference etc.It is high time to grab the real opportunity.The time is waiting for you because you are the future leader of your world.Now lets start to become visioneris.