Environment vs development.

2021-02-25 17:46:05 Science Md.Shafiqul islam. 1026

Todays our environment is severely hampered by various development projects as well as private industrialization. Lets  see towards our giant foreign money income industry redimet garment industry. Maximum garments industry discharge their chemical byproducts, dust into the nearest river or canal. Not only that but also tannery factory’s garbage is always discharged in to nearest river or canal. As a result the detrimental garments chemical garbage, tannery garbage heavily effect on the biodiversity of the river water as well as on to the nearest peoples inhabitants. After using this polluted river water common people are suffering from various  waterborne diseases like typhoid, Malaria, cholera, scabies,  Diarrhea etc. The cost of treatment leads to the common people economic crisis.

          If we notice towards our upcoming mega project Ruppur nuclear power plant then we see that there have some weakness of the project. First of all the whole project is nearest to the Padma river.  So  if any mechanical or electrical leakage will be happened the water of Padma river as well as its surroundings peoples can be endangered. Recently a prominent Indian nuclear expert have predicted  that since the project related authority do not have taken any   pre initiative yet for the mangement of any radiational accident  there have a possibility to occur great damage of biodiversity. Because the nuclear chain reaction unstoppable. We can never forget the japan Fukushima tragedy. Though  japan is now teach giant across the world but they have also retreated  from that project. Their mass people against to the nuclear project because of its environment killing character.

          At last I would like to say that development is the demand of the civilization but we have to bear in mind that before implementation of any development project or commercial project stakeholders,policymakers,authority,government,investors should take necessary step so that any leakage of the project never can bad effect on environtment, biodiversity,humanbeing.My recommendation is to take environment friendly development project for sustainable development.