Bangladesh Robot Olympiad(BdRO) 2018

2018-10-18 15:51:03 1573


-Birth year must be from 2000 to 2011.

-Those who have born in 2000 - 2005 they are challenge/senior category.and those are 2000-2005,they are junior category.

-to prove birth year must be hold birth certificate.

-interested in Robot,basic coding,algorithm,electronics.

-participation in "Robot Gathering","Creative category" and "Robot in Movie" of three category at least one category is mandatory.Or in 2 or all category.

Registration fee:

a) Mission challenge/ Robo gathering: (individual): 100 take.
b)creative category (group-wise- maximum 3): 200 take
c) Robot in movie (group-wise- maximum 3): 200 take
d) Robotic intelligence (quiz competition- individual): 100 take.

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Registration link:

To know details send your email at [email protected]